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Facts About Breast Cancer

• Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women,
    except for skin cancers.

• The chance of developing breast cancer in an American women’s life
    is less than 1 in 8.

• About 230, 480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed last year.

• About 57, 650 new cases of carcinoma were diagnosed.  
   This is the non-invasive & the earliest form of breast cancer.

• About 39, 520 women died from breast cancer.

• After increasing for more than 2 decades, female breast cancer incidence rates
    decreased by about 2% per year from 1998 to 2009.  This decrease was seen
     mostly in women aged 50 or older and may be due to the decline of hormone
    therapy after menopause.

• Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women,
    exceeded only by lung cancer. 

• Death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1990.
   These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through
    screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatment.

• At this time there are over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the US.
   (Source: www.cancer.org)

Breast Cancer DOES NOT Discrimonate...

It does not care about your race, age, job, or income.

Although it is mostly found in women,
a small percentage of men can and do get breast cancer.
This makes the combination of education, early detection
and early treatment the best defense for both men and women.

When breast cancer is found at a very early stage,
the chances of survival are greatly increased.
This makes early detection of breast cancer
one of the most important ways of fighting the disease itself.




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Breast Cancer Risk Factors
Approximately 30% of breast cancer cases can be attributed to known risk factors.
Risk factors do not necessarily cause cancer; they suggest a suspected association.
Having one or more risk factors does not mean that a woman will develop breast
cancer. However, having no risk factors for the disease does not mean a woman is protected.
The current known risk factors for developing breast cancer are...

• Being a woman

• Having a mother, grandmother or sister who has had breast cancer,
    particularly if the cancer appeared before menopause

• Bearing the 1st child after the age of 30

• Never bearing a child

• Smoking

• Being over the age of 50

• Having a history for a previous cancer such as uterine or ovarian

• Having a diagnoses of a typical hyperplasia or benign breast disease
   with hyperplasia


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